AMRO22 debug

15th—18th June 2022
Linz, Austria

The current edition of Art Meets Radical Openness is dedicated to the rituals and the philosophies of debugging. Software bugs are much more than simple engineering mistakes. With the eyes of radical openness, they are the moments in which the surface-tension of perfection and infallibility of the ubiquituous machinery is broken and its inner logic gets briefly exposed – the glitch in the matrix. Aim of the festival is to unpack debugging from the strict technological connotation to a wider understanding in terms of knowledge creation and community building.

As a gathering of communities with interests across arts and cultures, networked technologies and political action, AMRO offers space for sharing knowledge and practices, focusing on the potential of debugging both inside and outside of the purely technical realm.

The four-day event include a discursive program with keynotes, panels and lectures, workshops and showcases, and a nightline.


Festival Opening & Keynotes
15th June 2022, 7PM
afo – architekturforum oberösterreich,
Herbert-Bayer-Platz 1, 4020 Linz.

Festival locations: afo – architekturforum oberösterreich, STWST, DH5, Raumschiff, bb15, & the Internet.

Full program will be be online soon at the festival website:

Support us! Community Hosting & Helping Hands needed

We are looking again for private stays for the participants of AMRO 2022.

If you have spare room to share, want to support us and want to get to know an artist of the festival, please get in touch with us though this form

Are you up to help us more? We are very happy about any extra pair of hands! To volunteer at AMRO, please drop us a line at

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