Varia is a cultural member based organisation in Rotterdam, which brings a group of 20 people together who work with artists, designers, programmers, writers and educators.

This group engages with different collective ways of working, thinking, living and imagining, which each can be unfolded and will render into a range of understandings of the word "collectivity".

The shared efforts of Varia these days extend towards, amongst other things, a collective infrastructure (providing digital, print and electronical facilities), resource sharing initiatives (such as Digital Solidarity Networks), a collective European project around feminist servers (A Traversal Network of Feminist Servers) and custom tools that shape collective work (octomode, logbot, distribusi and others), and a public programme focused on dialogical learning.


Amro Contributions

Year Title Format
2022 AMRO Times Worklab
2022 AMRO Times / Tribes - Editorial Check-in Worklab
2022 AMRO Times / Tribes - Finalization Sprint Worklab