Swap Space

“Swap Space” took place in Graz, Austria in April 2022.

It was an exploration of novel forms of collaborative artistic research brought together through concepts of the simultaneous and the spatial.

Conceived as a pilot study, it was preparing the ground for the three year artistic research project “Simultaneous Arrivals” (2022-25, FWF AR 714). A group of national and international artists-researchers (Nayarí Castillo, Shane Finan, Jackie Karuti, Alisa Kobzar, David Pirrò, Daniele Pozzi, Hanns Holger Rutz) and an architectural researcher (Franziska Hederer) came together to establish forms of parallel (asynchronous) work, centred on an intensive retreat in the Schrattenberg / Hotelpupik art space in Scheifling.

Amro Contributions

Year Title Format
2022 Debugging through collaborative experimentation Conversation