Hanns Holger Rutz

Hanns Holger Rutz (b. 1977) is a sound artist, composer, performer, researcher and software creator in electronic art. His work, mainly comprised of sound and intermedia installation, live improvisation and electroacoustic composition, has been internationally exhibited, performed and awarded. In his works, the development and research on software and algorithms plays an important role, he is interested in the materiality of writing processes, and trajectories of aesthetic objects as they travel and transform across different works and different artists.

Rutz worked and works as senior postdoc at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM) and the Doctoral School for Artistic Research (KWDS) of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria, leading the artistic research projects “Algorithms that Matter” (2017–2021) and “Simultaneous Arrivals” (2022–2025). He holds a PhD in computer music from Plymouth University, UK. Rutz lives and works in Graz, Austria.


photo credit: Consuelo Mendez

Amro Contributions

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2022 Kontakt AMRO Showcase