Habitat (Jacopo Lega / Federico Poni)

Habitat is a Residency and Collective Workshop for cultural re-activation of rural, mid-areas in Italy – an ideal environment for material practices of living, in dialogue with the territorial specificity. At the moment we (Habitat) is set at Ca' de Monti, Tredozio (IT).

This brings Habitat to be a community-building experiment, led by collective archiving processes.

One of them is the radio, mixing interviews, informal chats, convivial moments with a glass of wine, music.

We can consider this act as a ritual, composed by the collective preparation and the broadcasted propagation of the show, which becomes a witness of the narrated experience and of the moment of composing it.

A community radio that narrates the positive chaos of our community-in-progress.

The approach to tools and contents is driven by the particular meaning of "rurality", which is no anymore a geographical quality but mostly a geopolitical approach.

Repair and low tech culture, raw aesthetic attitudes, conviviality as an axiom, tradition in contrast to conservation, resistance against standardization: this is a taste of our meaning of rurality.


The project has been launched by Jacopo Lega in collaboration with Ilaria Marzolla, Enrico Tarò and Lorenzo Travaglini, respectively in the imaginative roles of President, Vice/Great Treasurer of Court, Great Councillor of the Multitude and Minister of Radio, Minister of the Arts.

Federico Poni joined the team after the first summer edition (2021) as Minister of Infrastructure.


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