Giovanna Reder / Border Forensics

Giovanna Reder is a designer and researcher working with Border Forensics, a non-profit organisation analyzing the spatial and aesthetic conditions and conducting investigations into practices of border violence.

Working in collaboration with migrant communities, NGOs and media organisations, Border Forensics documents and exposes the violence linked to the existence and management of borders. Giovanna’s role at Border Forensics currently focuses on the aerial frontier investigation of the Central Mediterranean and how networks of aerial control are shifting this border zone towards a new level of control and as a consequence border violence continues to be perpetuated in all impunity.

To document, analyze and expose these developments Giovanna conducts spatial research through various tools and techniques.

Amro Contributions

Year Title Format
2022 (In)visibilities of Aerial Surveillance Lecture
2022 Conversation on Computational Activism Conversation