Bloodproof of Life, part video proof

In September 2023, STWST organised the art format *Bloodproof of Life* - as a collective art action with real lifeblood. An appeal was made in advance: Stadtwerkstatt gives you back your lifeblood - come and get it! Then a small amount of 4 ml of blood was taken from volunteers. This was followed by several checks of the participants and their Lifeblood, by art actors and critical producers, by survey, seal, blockchain, hash and video proof. The authenticity of blood, participants, hash, chain, video and overall participation in the collective lifeblood project was confirmed in a reciprocal multiple proof. Finally, the participants received their ampoule of lifeblood back as a transformed, certified blood-to-art object suitable for the art market.

During its realisation at STWST, the format led to constant queuing and received a great deal of feedback. Topics between "lifeblood as a resource", i.e. the critical internal operating systems of engagement, and the currently discussed extraction of resources and the best parts of people, their data, were critically reflected - as well as the technological and social regimes that make this possible.

At AMRO 2024, the video proof part will be shown, plus an installative setting and activation of the open question of where our lives live.

The project was conceived and realised by STWST in 2023 at STWST48x9 COLD HEAVEN in coop with Ars Electronica and carried out with the support of

Ph: Martin Bruner

AMRO Showcase