Contributors 2022

joak (Joseph Knierzinger) is an artist working with obsolete media/technologies/trash and anachronistic, fictitious timelines. Humor and irony are an important method in his undertakings. He is currently working on various alogisms and algorithms in the world.


Because it this approaches allows to have exchange with others that Non-Floss approaches dont have. It also makes the creating process of a work of art more transparent and not a hidden black box. I dont like "the end justifies the means" approaches.

Computer scientist, political activist, artist. Lives and works in Graz/Austria. Currently working for - Verein zur Förderung von Netzwerkkunst. Running Plagiat and institut hofos together with Reni Hofmüller. Artistic work in different media.

Julia Nüßlein is an artist, researcher and organiser who works on the intersection of art, science and society. Currently finishing her MA Interface Culture in Linz (AT), she is also a producer for Amsterdam-based media art festivals Sonic Acts and FIBER Festival.

“Kinship Group 26” is a group of four human bodies that found one another in 2020, who have never met in person, but who have become familiar through a screen. They meet weekly and consider ritual, kinship and more-than-human entanglements as part of a collaborative process.

Kjell Wistoff is a Cologne based investigative artist & integrated designer with a focus on interaction. Especially contemporary technologies in a social-political context stake out his fields of interest. Resorting to a grassroot activist approach, he is working with - and against - these technologies.


Leonardo Caffo (Catania, 1988) is a  philosopher, writer, and curator whose work centers around applied and theoretical topics relating to human animal studies, posthumanity, contemporary art and architecture, and identity. He has been researcher at University of Torino and professor of philosophy at Politecnico di Torino as well as curator and the director of public program at the Museum La Triennale of Milano and as Philosopher in Residency at the Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art.

Born in 1994, Louis Frehring is a French contemporary artist working in the transdisciplinary field of new media art, sculpture and visual arts. His work is mainly composed by heteroclite installations and crafted devices that deal with technology both as material and subject. Frehring's work is focused on getting the viewer more knowledgeable of what technology is, how it works and what it changes in nature, in society and in our proper selves.

Luka Prinčič is a musician, sound designer and media artist. He has been writing music, creating sound art, performing, and manipulating new media in various ways since mid-’90s. He specialises in computer music, elaborated funk beats, immersive soundscapes, incidental music for live arts & video, and digital media experiments.

He performed at festivals like Ars Electronica (Linz), EMAF (Osnabrueck), Netmage (Bologna), MENT (Ljubljana) and Trouble (Brussels), and worked at Ljubljana Digital Media Lab (Ljudmila) and local hackerspace CyberPipe (Ljubljana).

Lukas Jakob Löcker
Linz-based multimedia composer, filmmaker and university assistant at the Linz University of the Arts, involved in social sound projects and – as a member of the „Backlab Collective“ – in Linz’s local cultural scene, in addition to international mediation and exhibition activities (including Berlin, Istanbul, Bucharest).